The St Marks Church complex has excellent modern facilities suitable for a variety of events:

  • Victorian church – great for weddings and concerts.
  • Large modern hall – great for events and parties.
  • Separate detached hall in Alton Road – great for group events, activities and courses
  • Coffee lounge – great for meetings.
  • Conference / activity room.
  • Well appointed kitchen.
  • Disabled and baby facilities.

Enquiries about booking any or all of the rooms can be made by telephoning the Church office on 01202 529349 between 09.00 and 12.30 from Monday to Friday.

St Marks Church

The Church

Built in 1870 the main Church is a beautiful Victorian building suitable for weddings, concerts and other events.

The St Marks Church HallThe Hall

Built in 1986 our large, modern hall is great for children’s parties, celebrations, fayers, local events, arts and crafts, group meetings, clubs and many other activities.

The St Marks Church Lounge

The Coffee Lounge

A great place for group meetings, the coffee lounge is connected to the kitchen via a wide serving hatch.


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